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Real IRA poised to wreak brutal murder revenge

A MAJOR gardai operation was under way today amid fears the execution of Real IRA boss Alan Ryan will lead to a spate of revenge attacks.

Sources say the terror group is one of Ireland's most disciplined, with access to heavy-duty weapons as well as vast cash resources.

A source said: "Tensions are extremely high at the moment -- extra armed patrols have been put in place.

"There are major fears of revenge attacks."

A massive garda investigation into Ireland's latest gangland murder is continuing today, with an apartment in Beau Park Street apartments in Clongriffin sealed off this morning as part of the investigation.

Sources say that in his last months alive, Alan Ryan had thought of himself as "invincible", despite official warnings from officers that his life was under active death threat.

A senior source said: "Despite all the warnings, he walked around his locality without a care in the word.

"He was often seen cockily walking the streets -- he believed that he was invincible.


"And he probably had good reason to think this -- he had run big drugs gangs out of the country and even was involved in the murder of 'Mica' Kelly -- one of Ireland's biggest traffickers."

But time caught up with Alan Ryan yesterday as he walked down quiet Grange Lodge Avenue in Clongriffin with two pals.

The gunmen pumped bullets into Ryan while his pal, Aaron Neilis, was shot in the leg.

Ryan's gang had been prolific in recent weeks.

Among their attacks they targeted a young associate of criminal JP Brennan.

It is understood that the 24-year-old, who survived a city- centre knife attack, was targeted by the RIRA faction after he intimidated old-age pensioners into handing him over money when they had collected their pensions at a local post office.


"For a number of weeks, he was hanging outside the post office and demanding money from elderly people -- it was causing a lot of concern.

"But he hasn't been doing it any more after he was brought off by the RIRA gang," a source said.

His associate, JP Brennan, was lucky to escape with his life when he was cornered in his girlfriend's home in Kinsealy and shot in the leg and neck in January 2009.

It is understood he was also one of the intended targets of a gun attack at a Finglas service station in November 2010, which led to the double murders of two innocent cousins -- who were shot dead in a case of mistaken identity.

The Herald has also learnt that the RIRA mob is suspected of recently attacking a convicted money launderer from Lucan who has previously served a lengthy sentence in England.