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Real IRA gangsters keep up hunt for killers

Close associates of Real IRA boss Alan Ryan have stepped up their campaign of terror against people they believe have information about his murder.

The Herald has learnt that some of Ryan's closest associates are demanding to have 'meetings' with small-time players in the northside drugs scene in an attempt to find out more about the high-profile slaying.

Sources say that the feared RIRA mob has been left frustrated because all the main players involved in Ryan's execution have fled the country.

A source explained: "Their presence in the Coolock and Donaghmede areas has increased over the past few days and because of that there is a big rise in tensions.

"Two of the main players in the Real IRA gang were seen handing out mobile phones to young criminals from the locality -- these two would have been among Alan Ryan's closest friends.

"They have been demanding to meet up with fellas whose only association with the murder is the fact they knew some of those who were on the periphery of it.

"The fear is that these individuals will be beaten and tortured during so-called interrogation sessions by the RIRA crowd.

"There is still a massive garda presence in the area and things seem quiet.

"But it could well be the calm before the storm."


The Herald can also disclose that a number of people -- some completely innocent -- have been warned that there are active death threats against them from the Real IRA gang.

The massive investigation into the shooting of Ryan is continuing -- he was gunned down in Clongriffin, north Dublin, on September 3.

The brutal slaying was caught on CCTV obtained from a medical vehicle that was parked nearby.

Ryan was killed close to his home when two gunmen opened fire on him and one of his associates.

A car carrying what gardai believe were two gunmen pulled up and at least one of the passengers got out and started firing at Ryan and his pal, Aaron Nealis, who was shot in the leg .

Ryan was hit a number of times, including as he lay wounded on the ground. He was shot at least once in the head by the masked gunman, who then ran back to the waiting vehicle and was driven off at speed.

Detectives have been working on the theory that a number of northside gangs clubbed together to murder Ryan, who had been involved in a particularly bitter feud with the gang led by the 'Mr Big' of Irish crime.

Most of the senior members of the gangs involved in organising the murder fled Dublin in the days after the murder; their leaders were already in exile because of the feud with Ryan.