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Ray's RTE salary to remain secret for three years


Ray D'Arcy.

Ray D'Arcy.

ray darcy

ray darcy

Derek Mooney

Derek Mooney


Ray D'Arcy.

RTE won't reveal the salary of prodigal son presenter Ray D'Arcy for another three years, despite criticism of his reported wages of €500,000.

Mr D'Arcy's reported pay for returning to RTE from Today FM was condemned by a Government TD in the Dail as "ludicrous" and prompted a call for a "salary cap" in the national broadcaster.

The 50-year-old is to return to RTE where he made his name on TV shows such as The Den, Jo Maxi and Blackboard Jungle, in early 2015.

But Fine Gael TD Ray Butler called for a salary cap to be introduced at RTE.

"To see people getting €500,000 to go on RTE is ludicrous," he said in the Dail.

Mr Butler wants RTE chiefs to explain their pay policy.

"It is very irritating when you have people objecting to paying €160 a year and you have people on the high alter on €500,000, €600,000, €700,000 a year. These gentlemen do a lot of preaching about other people's lives," he told the Herald.

RTE said Mr D'Arcy's salary will be revealed when the broadcaster releases figures for its top earners. However, the figures are only published every two years and the next set, to be released next year, will relate to 2013.

Therefore, Mr D'Arcy's salary won't be revealed until 2017 when figures for 2015 are released.


RTE declined to reveal Mr D'Arcy's exact pay, but sources said it was "significantly lower than €500,000".

Mr D'Arcy will not go on air at RTE until February 2 when he will take over Derek Mooney's 3pm afternoon slot on Radio One.

Taoiseach Enda Kenny did not respond to Mr Butler's point about pay in RTE. "The Broadcasting (Amendment) Bill is due to be published in the next session," he said in response.

Meanwhile, Today FM's Matt Cooper said he learned about Mr D'Arcy's surprise move 24 hours before it was announced.

"On Saturday afternoon I was told by a prominent person in RTE that this was happening - that Ray was moving - and I didn't believe it.

"I actually forgot about it and then on Sunday I saw a missed call from our chief executive and I wondered why he was ringing before thinking: 'Oh Jesus, what I was told yesterday must have been true, Ray must be going'," he said.

"I sent him a text asking if he was ringing me to say the rumour I'd heard was true and he obviously got back saying 'Yes'. I hadn't believed it, but then when you start thinking about it, maybe it wasn't such a surprise," he added.