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'Raver' Daniel kissed me in all-night club

THE wife of crooner Daniel O'Donnell has told how they had their first kiss while raving in a club in the Canary islands.

Majella O'Donnell, who is fighting breast cancer, first met her future husband 14 years ago while in her parents' bar in Tenerife.

"He was on holidays with friends from home. I joined them at the table. We just kind of got on well. But I never thought of it as a relationship because I was divorced with two children and I knew Daniel.

"Let me rephrase that: everybody thinks they know Daniel," she said.


"My perception of Daniel was this goody two shoes, quite boring, not much craic kind of person. I certainly didn't think he was going to be interested in me," Majella said.

"Anyway, he wasn't the person I thought he was going to be. He was very funny, interesting to talk to. But I didn't expect anything to become of it.

"He said they were going out the next night and did I want to come with him.

"He said they were going to this club in Tenerife - and this is back 14 years ago - it was a clubbers' club, and it probably didn't get going until two in the morning. And it doesn't finish til 5am.

"I thought: 'This, I've got to see.' I was raving with Daniel O'Donnell! We were ravers. Can you believe it? We were on that dance floor. And you know, as we were dancing, he leaned over and he kissed me."

Majella's book It's All In My Head: My Story tells of her battle to beat cancer.

Over the weekend, Majella said she is feeling great as she is 'clear' of breast cancer and over the reconstruction surgery following her diagnosis 13 months ago.

"It's funny, in one respect it's flown by and in the cancer respect it's like a life time ago," she said.