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Rattigan on heroin and phone charges in prison

Gardai arrested Brian Rattigan in prison early today.

The 28-year-old was accused of operating a drugs business from his maximum security cell.

Rattigan was arrested at 9.30am in Cloverhill Prison, after being brought from Portlaoise Prison to the capital in an early morning escort.


The Drimnagh man was confronted by detectives who read five charges to him, relating to drug dealing and possession of a mobile phone while in prison.

He appeared before a sitting of Cloverhill District Court at 10am charged with the offences, in connection with allegedly running a drugs operation from behind bars.

The DPP directed that he be charged following an investigation by gardai at Sundrive Road Garda Station.

Rattigan, who is currently serving a sentence, was also charged with two counts of possession of phones at Portlaoise Prison.

Rattigan, of Cooley Road, Drimnagh, Dublin, was charged with possession of heroin at Hughes' Road in Walkinstown on May 21, 2008.

In addition, he was accused of possession of the drug for sale or supply at Hughes' Road on the same date contrary to section 15 of the Misuse of Drugs Act.

A further charge of possession of heroin for sale or supply contrary to section 15(a) of the act was brought.

Rattigan was also accused of two counts of possession of phones at Portlaoise Prison, contrary to the Prisons Act, on May 22, 2008.

He was taken from his cell at Portlaoise Prison at 6am this morning and arrived at Cloverhill prison around 9am.

He was then brought to meet with gardai, who formally placed him under arrest and charged him with the offences.

It is alleged that Rattigan was directing the distribution of a quantity of heroin from his prison cell using mobile phones.

After being arrested and questioned initially, a file was sent to the DPP who directed a prosecution should proceed based on the evidence gathered by gardai.

Rattigan is currently serving a sentence at Portlaoise Prison.