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Rattigan man's mum flees for life as home attacked

THE innocent mum of one of the capital's most notorious gangsters has been forced to flee her home after being targeted by 'Fat' Freddie's mob.

Linda McNally -- the mother of senior King Ratt gang member Wayne McNally -- has endured a campaign of terror since being beaten around the head with a wheel-brace in a south city pub attack.

In the latest incident, thugs took her clothes from a clothes line outside her south inner city property and set fire to them.


A source explained: "She is terrified out of her wits -- they have now driven her out of her home. After the clothes line incident, she does not feel it is safe to live there anymore.

"Freddie Thompson's gang have showed what cowards they are by attacking that vulnerable woman. To go up behind a woman in a bar and smash her across the head with a weapon is just the lowest of the low."

As the campaign of intimidation against Linda McNally increases, gardai have received information that her son Wayne (26) has issued a death threat from behind bars to gang boss 'Fat' Freddie Thompson.

Wayne -- who has over 50 previous convictions -- is currently serving a 13-year jail sentence in Portlaoise Prison for shooting a bouncer in the face after he was refused entry into a nightclub.

He is a mortal enemy of the Thompson faction.

"The unwritten rule of gangland in Ireland is that you stay away from people's mothers and this rule was broken.

"It has of course driven Wayne McNally mental and he has sent instructions to his cronies on the outside to have the Thompson brothers killed," explained a source

After the wheel-brace attack, gardai launched a massive investigation and they arrested a 35-year-old close Thompson associate last week on suspicion of assaulting Ms McNally. He was later released.

Gardai also want to talk to 'Fat' Freddie's first cousin Liam Byrne (33) from Raleigh Square, Crumlin, about the assault on Ms McNally but they have not been able to locate him.

They believe he has now returned to Spain.

Byrne is a major criminal who has convictions for armed robbery and a serious assault.

Sources say that garda investigations are continuing into the pub attack with CCTV playing a major part in the investigation.


Gang tensions are high in the south inner city this week as 'Fat' Freddie continues to "shove his weight around".

Sources say that Freddie, who returned home to Dublin after his mother's home was targeted in a petrol bomb attack last month, has been demanding money from young drug dealers in the Rialto area over the past few days.

"Freddie is trying to show that he is the boss and he is intimidating young criminals who are connected to Wayne McNally in flat complexes in the Rialto area. It all means that tensions are increasing all the time," explained a source.