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Rattigan death threat man was dealing heroin


Former partner of Brian Rattigan Natasha McEnroe.

Former partner of Brian Rattigan Natasha McEnroe.

Former partner of Brian Rattigan Natasha McEnroe.

A criminal who lived under death threat after starting a relationship with the former partner of jailed gang boss Brian Rattigan has admitted heroin dealing charges as well as being in possession of a claw hammer.

Paul Geraghty (28), who is in a long-term relationship with Natasha McEnroe has admitted the possession of three bags of heroin worth €2,000 in the home that the couple share together when it was raided by gardai on October 23 last year.

McEnroe was in the house in the house at the time and it has emerged that Geraghty told detectives that he thought the drugs haul was cocaine and not heroin.

The couple have had one child together.



For many months in 2011, gardai placed the home under 24-hour watch because of fears that the couple would be targeted by her jailed ex-lover Brian Rattigan.

Geraghty narrowly escaped with his life after a hitman tried to murder him in their home in but he fled out a window in January, 2011.

Gardai believe the gunman was hired by Brian Rattigan from his cell in Portlaoise Prison, where he is serving a life sentence for murder.

Geraghty, of Swan Grove, Ranelagh, Dublin, pleaded guilty yesterday to production of a claw hammer during a fight at Rathmines Road Lower on April 26, 2011. Garda Gavin Higgins told Gerardine Small, prosecuting, that on the date in 2011 he saw Geraghty and two other men chasing a fourth man into a Chinese restaurant.

Geraghty had a claw hammer and his associates had a glass bottle each.

Garda Higgins said the victim was known to him and believed to be involved in a feud with Geraghty. He said the victim was clearly in fear and barricaded himself in the restaurant. Geraghty was arrested at the scene.

Lorcan Stains, defending, said that the feud began when Geraghty started a relationship with the ex-partner of one of the "most serious criminals" in the country.



Counsel said his client was under a death threat from this man as a result of his long-term relationship with the woman. He was under stress and began doing cocaine.

Judge Mary Ellen Ring remanded Geraghty on bail on condition that he immediately attend a drug residential treatment programme. She adjourned sentencing until November.

The two other men arrested with Geraghty in April 2011 were Edward O'Neill (27) of Rathmines Avenue, Rathmines and Anthony Burke (24) of Swan Grove, Ranelagh.

Both men have pleaded guilty to production of a glass bottle during a fight.