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Ratt love rival bomb threat

A MAN dating King Ratt's ex had a hoax bomb put under his car -- days after a hit squad tried to kill him.

The 24-year-old, who is living with Brian Rattigan's ex-partner Natasha McEnroe, has been warned of threats to his life.

The man escaped through a window of McEnroe's Ranelagh home after associates of gangster 'King Ratt' attempted to kill him in early January.

The Herald has now learned that in two separate incidents just days later, the man's car was smashed up and a suspect device was placed underneath it.

The two incidents occurred over a four-day period last January and Rattigan’s associates are the suspects. The intimidation tactics came less than a fortnight after a failed assassination attempt on McEnroe's new boyfriend at the beginning of this year. McEnroe (30), King Ratt's expartner, and her new 24-yearold boyfriend were given security advice on December 31.

This followed intelligence reports that the young man, who is not involved in crime, was set to be targeted by associates of the gang boss. Jailed gangster Rattigan – known as ‘King Ratt’ – split with McEnroe last November.

On January 16, the windows of McEnroe's new boyfriend’s car were smashed and four days later, on Thursday, January 20, a bomb, later determined to be an elaborate hoax, was discovered under his car. Gardai believe both incidents are linked to the attempt on her new boyfriend’s life shortly after the New Year.

Patrols have been increased at McEnroe’s Ranelagh home, where she moved after leaving the Rattigan family home in November. McEnroe, from Captain’s Road, Crumlin, had previously lived with members of Brian Rattigan’s family at Cooley Road, Drimnagh, along with the eight-year-old daughter she had with King Ratt .

She left after a row developed between herself and her pal Sharon Rattigan (28), King Ratt’s sister. She then lived at her new home in Ranelagh without incident until the January hit attempt on her new partner. The triggerman for the January attempt on her new boyfriend’s life is a career criminal from Ballyfermot, who is believed to have been responsible for at least five gangland murders.

In early January, he and another gunman broke into the couple's house in Ranelagh searching for McEnroe's boyfriend. The young man escaped out a window in his underwear as the gunmen entered. Natasha McEnroe was held at gunpoint. The relationship break-up has also led to the end of the friendship between McEnroe and Rattigan’s sister Sharon.


According to locals the trouble began when a female neighbour contacted King Ratt claiming that Natasha had been having an affair. McEnroe turned on the neighbour, claiming she was a lying. Sharon Rattigan, her brother Ritchie (31) and their mother sided with her neighbour and McEnroe left Cooley Road with her daughter and went to her deceased grandfather's home in Ranelagh. In the aftermath of the dispute between the women, who were once best friends, McEnroe visited King Ratt in prison to tell them their relationship was over.

She allegedly told him she was not prepared to wait for him and that she wanted more children. The jailed gangster lost his temper and was placed in solitary confinement afterwards. McEnroe later began the relationship with her new boyfriend.