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Rate of student assaults is high Thieving clerk found hanged Kraft work to cut down salt

One in seven female students has been the victim of a serious sexual or physical assault, a report has found.

But few report incidents to police, with up to half of those suffering sexual assaults saying they felt ashamed or embarrassed, while more than four in 10 said they thought they would be blamed.

The Hidden Marks study is based on a poll of more than 2,000 current female students in the UK.

Of those that have faced sexual assault, 5pc said they had been raped, while 2pc were the victim of an attempted rape.

Thieving clerk found hanged

A bank clerk who fled court moments before she was due to be sentenced for stealing £120,000 (€134,000 )has been found hanged.

The bodies of HSBC worker Bhindi Dhanji (31) of Neasden in north London, and a man believed to be her husband, were discovered yesterday hanging from a footbridge near her home.

She was facing up to six years in jail after earlier admitting two counts of theft by an employee.

According to police, Dhanji took close to £60,000 (€67,000) from a pensioner's account. And at the same time, police added, she was also stealing from a second of her elderly clients.

Kraft work to cut down salt

Kraft Foods said it would cut the salt in its products sold in North America by an average of 10pc over the next two years, in order to appeal to health-conscious consumers.

It will also reformulate its cheese products in Europe. The changes will affect more than 1,000 products, the company said.

Kraft added that it is also is reformulating some items for international markets, including the European cheese products.