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Rapist's movements constantly monitored by gardai

LARRY MURPHY is being closely watched by surveillance officers working with the Garda Sex Offenders' Management and Intelligence Unit.

According to reports, Murphy has expressed a desire to leave Ireland as he feels he is not safe here any more.

Apart from a trip to Cork after his release, the rapist is believed to have remained in and around Dublin.

Under the terms of his release he had to register on the sex offenders' list.

He did this last Thursday, entering a Dublin address.

It is believed he is sheltering from public view in an institution and was moved at least once last week.

If Murphy intends to go abroad, he has to inform gardai of the address where he is staying.

Officers will relay this information to the police in whichever jurisdiction he visits.

The Rape Crisis Centre can be contacted at 1800 77 88 88