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Rapist's '100 threats to kill me'

THE former girlfriend of a notorious sex offender, who has just been released from jail, is terrified the rapist will murder her.

The ex-partner of Niall Healy said the dangerous thug has threatened to kill her 100 times.

Healy (37) was released from the Midlands Prison last Saturday after serving a 10-year term for the sexual assault and false imprisonment of a young woman.

In an exclusive interview, his ex-partner (left) told the Herald: "I believe that Niall Healy will murder me and kidnap my child. He has threatened to kill me over 100 times on the phone and in letters from jail."

The terrified woman, who does not want to be identified, told how Healy has been involved in a long-running campaign of terror against her since she ended their relationship shortly after he was locked up in 2006.

The woman who is aged in her 30s said: "I believe that Niall Healy will murder me and kidnap my child.

"Since I ended my relationship with him, he has threatened to find me and kill me over 100 times. He would call me from a mobile phone from jail.



"He also sent me threatening letters from prison. I have had to change my phone number and I moved out of my home because of this man. I am sure he will find me and who knows what will happen."

The woman said she has told gardai and prison authorities but is still living in fear.

"I cannot believe that he is out – he is a very violent man," she added.

"After all the threats I have got, I fear for the safety of my young family now."

Healy is considered one of the country's most dangerous predators against women and before his conviction in 2006, he was previously convicted of a rape in 1993 and is suspected of a number of other attacks against women.

The thug – who has bulked up behind bars and caused huge disciplinary problems for jail authorities – is planning to live in the Dublin 2 area and this is something that terrifies his former partner.

Healy, who is originally from Naas, Co Kildare, is considered a "high grade sex offender" who was given a 20-year jail sentence with 10 years suspended.

During his trial in 2006, it emerged his 19-year-old victim accidentally activated her mobile phone as Healy sexually assaulted her at a housing estate in a Co Kildare town on July 20, 2001.

The victim's boyfriend gave evidence during the trial of hearing his girlfriend screaming in voicemail messages left on his mobile phone. The Herald can reveal that since being jailed, Healy was caught with an illegal mobile phone on two occasions while behind bars which resulted in him serving extra jail time.

A major garda alert is now in place for Healy who will be closely monitored by the Garda Sexual Assault Unit.