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Rapist not welcome here, insists Murphy's brother

THE brother of suspected serial killer Larry Murphy has denied reports he will harbour the rapist, admitting he never wants to see him again.

Thomas Murphy has been subjected to threats from locals after there were several reports that brother Larry would stay with him on his release.

Thomas has said that he wants nothing to do with his brother amid reports that the evil sex fiend will move back to Baltinglass on his release.

"He is my brother but I wish he wasn't. There is nothing I can do about that," he said.

"Friends told me that there are rumours he is moving back in with me. When I heard this I was in disbelief.

"I have told them under no circumstances is he moving back in here.

"I'll refuse him if he arrives on my doorstep. He won't get inside the gate."

Thomas believes that the rumours which have abounded in the locality have put him and his young family at risk.

"We have had threats to be burned out of here," he said.

"I was told of these threats from a good friend of mine.

"You're afraid of your life at night. You are terrified you are going to be torched out of your home."

During his decade-long stint in jail Murphy has never sought any type of counselling and his brother admitted that there is no way of ensuring that he won't reoffend.

"We know he did it once and he got no help for it. I wouldn't say that it is not possible that he will reoffend," he said.

"I live in hope that the stories about Larry being linked to the missing women are not true but there is always that fear."

Thomas admitted that he had visited his brother during his stay at Arbour Hill prison but he stopped once he had learned the truth.

"I have gone to see him. I won't deny that," he said.

"But when I did find out the truth about what happened, it stopped.

"He didn't deny it [the rape of a Carlow businesswoman in 2000], but he would not talk about it to me.

"I asked him a few times and all he ever said was 'I flipped'."

Deep concerns about the release of rapist Murphy were being expressed in Co Wicklow amid fears he may decide to live in the local community.

Local people said they were worried he may seek to stay with his brother, who lives in a rural area within a couple of miles of the forest where he was discovered raping and attempting to strangle a young woman 10 years ago.

The Herald has already revealed that the notorious rapist had attempted to make contact with a family member who lives near Baltinglass, Co Wicklow. Local people have since indicated they were worried that he may seek to stay with his brother, Thomas, who lives in the hilly townland of Kyle.