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Rapist Murray moves to stop us telling you where he is

SERIAL rapist Michael Murray has attempted to gag the Evening Herald from alerting the public as to his whereabouts.

The Herald tracked down the man who was convicted of raping four women and sexually assaulting two others over a five-day period.

Murray's legal representative's have written to the Herald warning us to stop printing stories about the rapist.

They have previously contacted us to ask us to keep a record of any photographs of Murray we may have.

The Herald first revealed last year that the rapist had been released 13 years into his 18-year sentence and identified that he had been living in the Metropolitan Apartments on Inchicore Road, to the horror of his neighbours.

This newspaper also revealed that Murray had got a job working in the gardens of St Mary's Hospital in the Phoenix Park upon his release and the appointment had the approval of the HSE.

The sexual predator was given a two-year lease at the apartment complex, at taxpayers' expense, after receiving glowing references from the HSE and Probation Services referring to him as an "excellent tenant".

Michael Murray's (50) legal team has told us that our coverage of his whereabouts had the effect of Murray "being evicted from his residence, having to leave his employment and being accosted by members of the public".

They claim that our actions "were calculated to and did engender considerable public hostility and animosity towards our client (Mr Murray)".

The Herald recently revealed that Murray had been spotted at a popular family resort in Bray, Co Wicklow, many miles from his flat in the north inner-city.

Murray has also been convicted of exposing himself to a three-year-old child.

Gardai have described Murray as "extremely dangerous" and members of the public who spot him acting suspiciously are advised to contact their local Garda station.


On his last extended period of freedom, in 1995, Murray raped four women and sexually assaulted two others in less than one week.

The attacks took place across Dublin's southside, including Dalkey and Rathmines. He has also attacked women in the Ballsbridge office belt, close to the Burlington Hotel.

In each of the cases he attempted to suffocate or strangle his victim, and he was convicted of assault in relation to these attacks, and cutting one of his victims with a knife.

During his trial for those attacks, a top psychologist told the court that there was no way of ensuring Murray would not reoffend when released.

Eighteen months before his rape conviction, Murray received a four-month sentence for indecently exposing himself to a five-year-old girl and a three-year-old boy.

In 1989 he was jailed for eight-and-a-half years for an attack in Britain. Gardai spotted Murray close to Bray seafront last week, after he travelled there from the city centre by public transport.

He was monitored by officers until he left the area. The seafront is one of the most popular destinations on the east coast for families during the summer season.

The rapist then returned to his home, a State-funded 'halfway house' in the Bolton Street area of the north inner city.

Local gardai have monitored him in that area since his release and have called to the property several times.