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Rapist and pal flee over vigilante fear

A RAPIST and his violent friend were in hiding today amid fears over vigilantes.

Joseph McCabe, who raped a pensioner, and Casey Morgan, described as violence-prone, were living in west Donegal.

They're on the run from the North, and are wanted by the PSNI. The Herald previously revealed how the pair have been travelling the country together.

But there was no sign of them at an address in Dungloe today where they were ordered to stay by a judge. And their black Audi car was also missing.

Gardai were staying tight-lipped today on the whereabouts of the violent criminals.

Joseph McCabe (29) is on the run after being released on license having served 14 years for the rape of a pensioner.

He was living in a caravan in the west Donegal village of Burtonport until 10 days ago.

McCabe had been sharing the caravan with 18-year-old violent burglar Casey Morgan, also wanted in the North.

The criminals were arrested and appeared before Sligo District Court nine days ago.

"Maybe they've gone after all the publicity," said one local businessman today.

"All I would say is that there is a great deal of anger that they have been here and people are scared. There's talk of vigilantes patrolling the area."