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Range Rover targetted as families rocked by third pipebomb blast

A MAJOR investigation has been launched after a pipebomb exploded underneath a 4x4 in north Dublin in the early hours of this morning.

The explosion happened at 1.40am as the 4x4 was parked close to a house at Holy Cross Avenue in Drumcondra.

Sources have revealed that the pipebomb was placed underneath the red Range Rover, between the front and rear wheel axles.

The force of the explosion caused two wheels of the vehicle to be punctured and it blew off the side skirt.

The bumper and other attached fittings on the jeep were loosened in the explosion.

A fragment from the pipe bomb also hit a wall adjacent to the car and damage was also caused to a footpath. No-one was injured in the explosion.

Gardai were at the scene within minutes and contacted the army bomb disposal team, who attended the scene at around 2.20am.

The bomb disposal team spent about an hour at the scene where they carried out a post bomb analysis and provided technical assistance to the gardai who were examining the vehicle.

"This bomb had the potential to cause serious injury and even death," explained a source.

A motive for the pipebomb attack has yet to be established.

This morning the scene of the explosion at Holy Cross Avenue remained sealed off pending a further technical examination.

Fine Gael TD James Bannon, who has a property on the cul de sac, told the Herald that he heard nothing last night, and only became aware that there had been a bomb this morning.

"I'm trying to get in to the Dail, but my car is blocked in," he said.

This morning's explosion is the third pipebomb incident in Dublin this week.

On Tuesday morning, a viable pipebomb was discovered under a businessman's car just seconds after he received a threatening phone-call.


The shocking incident unfolded in one of Dublin's most affluent suburbs at 1.25 am and led to roads being sealed off in the Donnybrook area.

Gardai were alerted to the situation on Eglinton Road after receiving a phone call from the businessman who had been warned that there was a bomb under his car.

And on Monday afternoon, the army bomb disposal team made safe a pipebomb that was found outside a house at Newbury Heights, Clonshaugh.