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Randox set to create 242 jobs

MEDICAL group Randox Laboratories is lining up another 242 jobs as part of a £15.8m (€18m) expansion programme.

The company currently employs more than 850 people worldwide, 620 of them in the North.

Randox Laboratories has four plants in Antrim and another in Donegal and more than half of the new jobs will require graduate-level applicants. The group was founded by Dr Peter FitzGerald (right).

The group currently creates diagnostic tests for use by hospitals, clinics and veterinary laboratories, in the area of cardiovascular problems, cancers, diabetes, thyroid problems, liver disease and renal disease. Some 95pc of its produce is exported to 130 countries.

Northern Ireland's inward investment and business development agency InvestNI is supporting the expansion to the tune of £2.4m (€2.75m).