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Rammed three times then killers plunged knife into hero Warren

The killers of innocent Warren O'Connor rammed the car he was in three times -- smashing into the side where a pregnant woman and her young son were sitting.

Shocking details of the violence that led to the Good Samaritan's death can be revealed today as sources told how Warren's pals held him as he died on the roadside, with a knife embedded in his chest.

The revelations came as gardai closed in on the killers of the ex-soldier (24), who was knifed after he came to the assistance of a pal following an argument over noise at a Donaghmede apartment block.

Gardai believe he was murdered by one of a gang of three men, all from nearby Coolock.

The three, described by garda sources as "street thugs", were partying at an apartment in the Donaghmede complex.

Officers are hunting the men today, having established their identity, and arrests are expected. Detectives have also identified the registered owners of both the apartment where the party was taking place and the car used in the ramming.

A source who was close to Warren today told the Herald of the events of last Friday night, and how Warren and his friends tried to help their friend, who was worried about the level of noise in an apartment at the Beeches, Grattan Lodge, Donaghmede.


Warren's pal was in his apartment with his pregnant girlfriend and her two-year-old son and was concerned for their safety.

The source said: "Warren got a phone call to say there was a bit of trouble. He wanted to be there and not be worried that they'd kill them."

He added: "They knocked on the door and there was a bit of a fight in the apartment, but then it was all over. Everything was sorted." The lads returned to the man's apartment to bring his girlfriend and her child home, but after they got into their car, another car began to chase them.

"They heard people in the apartment nearby leave and they thought they would have been gone. But they saw them behind them and they [Warren's friends] were driving very fast just to get away."

The three pursuers rammed into the driver's side of the car -- where the woman and her two year-old son were sitting -- and, according to the source, it was the "hardest" bash the car got.

"They hit the car [which Warren was in] and spun them around, and they did that three times. But the fourth time, they knew the car was broke. They [Warren and his friends] went around to the driver, and someone jumped out and said they had a knife," the source said.

Warren was stabbed while another pal attempted to retrieve the keys from the car, he added. "One of Warren's pals tried to get the keys out of the car. Then they saw Warren on the ground and thought he was after getting knocked out."

"He [Warren] was on his side, and one of his pals pulled him on his leg to straighten him out and see how he was, and it was then that he saw the blade coming out of his chest."

Warren's friends immediately called for help and they stayed with him until he was rushed to Beaumont hospital.


The source added: "One of his pals dialled 999 on their phone because they left it in the car. Then another pal saw the knife and his only reaction was to grab it and pull it out, but a passerby said no, you might do more damage.

"Warren's pal just rolled up his shirt and twisted it really tight, and he put it around the knife and held it as tightly as possible." He added: "He drowned in his own blood. He took two breaths and the ambulance came, and that was that."