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Rainwater toilets as city school goes green

EVERY cloud has a silver lining for a Dublin school where mother nature is flushing the toilets.

The city's plentiful rainfall is not being wasted in Castleknock where a rain harvesting system has been installed in a primary school.

Frequent appeals to the public to conserve water got a practical response at St Patrick's School in Diswellstown.

The system channels the rain from roof gutters into storage tanks that supply water to cisterns in the school.

Schools face hefty bills for water usage and one of the biggest users of water in schools are toilets. Each flush uses five litres of water. Eight cisterns at St Patrick's are now being supplied with rainwater from two 700-litre storage tanks.

St Patrick's is leading the way in Dublin with the installation of an 'above ground' rain harvesting system in recent weeks.

"We have over 50 toilets and the system can be expanded," said principal Pairic Clerkin.