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Rain expected to ease as sunshine returns

THERE'S some good news on the weather front as the rain is expected to ease up tomorrow.

And weather forecasters believe there will be less rain from Tuesday onwards.

Met Eireann have forecast tomorrow as being dry, though a few showers, including the odd heavy one, will still feature with temperatures ranging between 13C and 16C.

The sunshine is expected to make a welcome return on Monday, but occasional heavy showers are also expected along with thunder.

But the situation is expected to improve by Tuesday, as it will be dry across most areas, with good sunny spells in the morning. It will feel mild with highest temperatures of 15C to 18C and little or no wind.

And it appears it will be dry and mild for the rest of the week.

Grey skies and cool temperatures have persisted for most of this weekend.

The unseasonable weather, caused by a lot of low pressure, continues to make a mockery of hopes for a glorious June.


A Met Office forecaster told the Herald that 53mls, or two inches, of rain fell in Cork in the 24 hours to noon on Friday.

As the wet spell continues "at least there won't be a hosepipe ban," she said.

"There is no sign of any high pressure on the way."

For the rest of today, further outbreaks of rain, mainly over Leinster and Ulster, have been forecast. But some brighter weather with scattered showers in the west was expected.

Highest temperatures will range from just 13C in the north to 17C in the south and winds will be moderate to fresh from a north-westerly direction during the day.