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rain and two business exams dampened our spirits very effectively

IT seemed like a sign that on the same day as our two business papers, we also got rain.

Our attention for the longest time had been solely on maths and some people arrived to school not even realising that it was business today. So with our spirits dampened by rain and expectation, we entered the exam hall once more.

The exams were fairly straightforward, Business Paper One is focused on Business At Home.

It starts off with 20 short questions. Then there are six long questions and you must pick four. This year the long questions included topics such as a Home Budget, Club Accounts, The National Budget, Insurance and Sources of Finance for a consumer. There was nothing surprising on the business test, it was long but wasn't too hard.

Next came Business Paper Two, on Business In Relation To Companies.

There were topics such as a trading, profit and loss appropriation account, a final account and balance sheet, insurance, rights of employers and employees and a daily cost question.

Again the exam wasn't very hard – there were no surprises, good or bad, and the day ended as it had began, with a general underwhelming feeling.

Today, the exams are French and History.

French exams mostly involve answering in English and I have always enjoyed history as a subject, although the exams involve a lot of writing.