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Rain and cold loom in St Pat's Day curse

WRAP up and stick on the rain gear for St Patrick's Day, forecasters have warned.

In keeping with tradition, it looks like being cold and rainy on March 17 as the dry and mild spell ends.

Met Eireann has predicted the next few days will be settled, but showers will sweep across the country and temperatures will drop at the weekend.

"The change is coming through Friday and Saturday," Met Eireann forecaster Joanna Donnelly told the Herald.


"There will be some rain on Thursday but Friday is when the air mass will really change, it will get colder and Saturday will be a cold day with showers."

In the next four days, temperatures will remain high for the season, hitting low double digit figures.

"There is an anticyclone sitting on top of us for the next few days, so we're looking at temperatures of 11C to 12C today, maybe 12C to 13C tomorrow.

Ms Donnelly added that temperatures had been higher than average this winter.