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Rail commuters 'travel like cattle' in carriage crush

COMMUTERS on one of Dublin's busiest rail lines are outraged at changes that have reduced their choice of trains from 42 to 32.

The opening of a new platform in Dunboyne has had a negative impact on rail users in the Cabra area, raising fears for the future of its Broombridge Station.

City workers have reported overcrowded trains as a result of the reduced services with some saying they have been forced to miss services because there was no room to squeeze on.

Local senator Paschal Donohoe told the Herald that dozens of residents had raised the issue with him. "Since the opening of the Dunboyne station there has actually been a reduction in the number of stops at Broombridge.

"There have long been local concerns about the future of the station and this marks the first reduction in the service," he said.


Irish Rail has said services may be adjusted both in timing and possibly through a reduction in the number of stations being served, in order to help the reorganisation of services on the timetable.

But Mr Donohoe said: "It appears odd to me that the consequence of opening one station is to reduce service at another." One commuter who uses the service every day, but did not want to be named, said: "The carriages are so full that you have to squash yourself on at the doors if you can and then hope for the best, when they are being closed, that you might make it in with all your body parts intact.

"In fact, just this morning there were people left behind on the platform."

He added: "In this day and age, we should not be trying to squash on to trains like cattle.

"It is sickening and I'm amazed more people don't faint on these trains."