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Raiders steal €100k from man's home

TWO brazen raiders have stolen €100,000 from the home of a businessman.

A Chinese man who operates a takeaway business along with other restaurant interests was the victim after his west Dublin apartment was targeted.

The culprits targeted the property at Canterbury Gate, Mulhuddart when the resident had left at the weekend.

The apartment was ransacked and €100,000 in cash was stolen.

Investigating gardai, who have not yet made any arrests, believe the robbers were tipped off to the cash by someone who betrayed the businessman.

They fled from the scene with the cash on foot via fields
towards a large industrial estate.

The incident unfolded at 2pm on Saturday at the apartment.

There was no one in the house when two raiders broke in and ransacked the property before escaping with around €100,000.

The two suspects, who are believed to be Irish, escaped on foot across fields in the direction of Damastown Industrial Estate.

The victim of the crime is understood to be a Chinese national who owns a local takeaway along with other restaurant interests.

Sources told the Herald that it is understood the man had so much cash at his home because he "clearly does not trust the banks".


It is understood that detectives believe the businessman may have been betrayed by someone who had knowledge that he kept large sums of money at his home and then passed on the information to local criminals.

Sources said that over the past decade there had been a small number of instances of owners of Chinese restaurants being targeted by burglars, including a similar robbery in the Coolock area around eight years ago in which raiders also escaped with a six-figure cash haul.

"The perception is that these people do not use banks as they operate cash businesses and keep large amounts of money in their homes," said a source.