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Raider caught in White House

A MAN climbed over the White House fence and ran towards the presidential residence before he was apprehended by Secret Service officers.

The man carried a backpack as he clambered over the fence, then ran with his arms outstretched directly toward officers who ordered him to the ground with their weapons drawn.

The backpack was later deemed to be safe.

Officers immediately evacuated Pennsylvania Avenue and Lafayette Square across from the White House.

New victim of

air race crash

AN 11th person has been confirmed as killed in the crash of a World War Two plane at a Nevada air race last week.

Federal safety investigators are trying to determine what caused pilot Jimmy Leeward (74) to lose control of his plane last Friday and slam into the grandstand at the 48th Annual National Air Championship Races.

Leeward, a Florida-based developer who had flown as a stunt pilot in movies, was among those killed.

Code ace who beat Reds dies

US veteran counterspy Brian Kelley, who broke a code on how Moscow communicated with its agents and was mistakenly hounded later by the FBI, has died aged 68.

The Washington Times said Mr Kelley died in his sleep of an apparent heart attack.

After years of service in US intelligence, Mr Kelley was hounded by the FBI on suspicion of being a KGB mole.

Their suspicion was found to be untrue but only after years of agents trying to get him to confess to being a KGB spy.

Hunter survives grizzly attack

A 65-year-old man is in hospital after being mauled by a grizzly bear while hunting in Alaska.

Donald 'Skip' Sanford (65) was attacked near the Maclaren River Lodge off the Denali Highway.

Mr Sanford told rescuers how the bear charged at him, head down.

The hunter has deep bites to the back of his skull, and one ear is torn.

Alaska State Troopers said Mr Sanford's wounds do not appear to be life-threatening.