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Raging mum bit garda after seeing her ex with new love

A MOTHER-of-one who flew into a rage when she saw her ex-partner with another woman bit a garda who tried to remove her from the man's home.

Osas Agolahar (24) first gripped the officer around the waist and refused to let go, then bit his wrist when he tried to lift her up off the ground.

A judge adjourned the case against her for the preparation of a probation report after hearing it was the second time she had assaulted a garda.

Agolahar, of Balgaddy Road, Lucan pleaded guilty to assaulting the officer at New Cabra Road on September 27.

She also admitted charges of breach of the peace, failing to obey garda directions and obstruction.

Dublin District Court heard gardai were called to the scene of a disturbance and the accused came outside.


She shouted at the officers, telling them to "f*** off" and they directed her to calm down and leave the area peacefully.

Agolahar failed to do so and grabbed one of them around the waist, forcing the garda to put her to the ground to restrain her. She then put her hands behind her and when the garda reached around to get them free, she bit his wrist. The court heard that neither alcohol nor any other substance was involved in her behaviour.

Agolahar had 13 previous convictions and had been put on a peace bond for a year for another assault on a garda.

The accused had seen her ex-partner with someone else and reacted "extremely negatively to that," defence barrister Cathal O Braonain said.

"It was an emotionally charged situation."


"She had to go to his house to charge the situation," Judge Ann Watkin replied. She said the accused was "obviously of a violent disposition".

Mr O'Braonain explained that the incident started after the accused was let into the house. "This was essentially a domestic situation which spilled out unfortunately when the gardai arrived," he said.

When the gardai told her to move on she was under the impression that one of them had her mobile phone. The previous assault had happened when she was a teenager.

The court heard the defendant had an eight-year-old child. Judge Watkin adjourned the case to May 26 for a probation report.