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Radio's tame compared with YouTube abuse, says Stephen


TwoTube’s Stephen Byrne Picture: Brian McEvoy

TwoTube’s Stephen Byrne Picture: Brian McEvoy

TwoTube’s Stephen Byrne Picture: Brian McEvoy

RTE TV and radio presenter Stephen Byrne has experienced much less abuse from social media users since quitting YouTube.

Byrne was one of the most popular Irish vloggers for several years before landing his current gig as host of young people's show TwoTube on RTE2.

While he still gets negative comments now and then from online trolls, the 26-year-old said his years in the media business have taught him how to deal with it.

"I haven't got it on radio, but in the past, definitely," he told the Herald.

"When I was doing YouTube videos, I got quite a bit of hate. I want to do YouTube more, I haven't done it in a while.

"On YouTube, you put yourself out there to be shot at in some ways. If anybody says something negative now I brush it off because on YouTube you get negative stuff all the time."


Byrne is currently busy filming a documentary on homophobia in football, but insisted he's not interesting in outing any closeted players.

"I'm working on a documentary at the moment which I'm really excited about," he said.

"I'm a big football fan and I'm gay and I've always felt like those two things don't go together so I'm making a documentary on it.

"We don't want to out anybody. There definitely are players out there who are gay, there simply has to be.

"They're too afraid to say it and it's about finding out why. Is it the fans, the managers, the other players, advertising? It's about trying to work that out."

The Dubliner also insisted that the 2fm presenters are not worried about competing with their rivals on other stations.

"Not at all. It's just about making your own station the best it can be," he said.

"At 2fm we're on a journey at the moment that we're very excited about."