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Radio star Boylan goes to gardai over abuse texts and death threats

GARDAI are investigating a series of threats made against radio host Niall Boylan.

The 4fm presenter met with gardai in Swords last Thursday night in relation to a string of abusive texts he has received in the past few weeks.

"Being on the radio for the last few years, I'm used to this kind of stuff but when the texts mentioned the suburb where I live, I felt I needed to inform gardai," Boylan told the Herald.

The 48-year-old started receiving the messages into his programme last October but has no idea what may have triggered the abuse.

He said: "We do a lot of topics which make people angry on the show, and talk to a lot of callers.

"It's impossible to know just who is doing this and why."


The texts have continued for a month with the broadcaster ignoring them, until this week when the sender's message included details of Mr Boylan's home address in north Dublin.

He added: "I just figured that was the point when I had to inform the authorities.

"It's really important you keep a record of this, in case something was to happen."

His producer on 4fm, Mike Hogan, has also confirmed to the Herald the threats made on messages coming in to the show.

And he said the presenter is now taking particular care leaving the station in Dublin's docklands after his show closes at midnight.

Fellow presenter and FM104 Phone Show host Chris Barry, who has received numerous death threats on late night talk radio, insisted Mr Boylan was right to report the matter to the Garda.

He said: "You just don't know who you are dealing with.

"All you can do is be vigilant – but that's radio.


"People can hate you one minute and love you the next. You just have to get on with it."

Niall Boylan is now broadcasting four hours a day on 4fm with a daytime show in addition to his late night talk show.