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Racing and ranting... it has to be mad pundit McCririck

RACING pundit and Tory supporter John McCririck has revelled in Ireland's economic woes, saying "Ireland at last is getting its comeuppance."

Irish people are a step behind other races when it comes to work and as a general rule, the Irish "prefer to be looked after a bit more," McCririck said in an interview with George Hook on Newstalk 106-108fm.

He also said that the Irish are living in the past and that "down in Dublin, there's a lot of anti-British feeling over in Ireland".

McCririck said of Ireland, "For about 20 years, you've had Europe pumping money in, wherever you go in Ireland there are these placards up [saying] 'This was built by the European Union'... "

"Of course, WE were paying for it! Germany, France and Britain were paying all this money in to the Irish."

And of the work ethic of the Irish, McCririck argued that, "Irish people are sort of a pace behind the frenetic speed that we have over here and in other European countries. As a general rule, the Irish prefer to be looked after a bit more."