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Rachel's mum tells of her heartache seven years on GRIEF: I wish I was in heaven with my two beautiful girls says Rose

THE heartbroken mother of murdered Rachel Callaly and her sister Ann has said she wishes she was with both of her daughters in heaven.

Grieving Rose Callaly told that Herald that both her tragic and much-loved daughters were "too good for this world", and admits that her loss is so big, there are days when she feels she has had enough.

Speaking on the seventh anniversary of Rachel's murder and just weeks after the first anniversary of daughter Ann's death, Rose Callaly told the Herald that she "fell apart" after brave Ann passed away from cancer last year.


Rachel (30) was beaten to death by her husband Joe O'Reilly at the couple's home in the Naul, north Co Dublin on October 4, 2004. O'Reilly is serving a life sentence for his wife's murder.

Ann (32) was diagnosed with cancer shortly after O'Reilly's trial finished and endured a battle which Rose says put her daughter "through the mill". Tragic Ann passed away on September 17 last year.

"I'm finding it very hard. For two-and-a-half years I somehow kept it together when Ann was sick, but after she died I fell apart," said Rose from her Collins Avenue home.

"Rachel's anniversary has been very hard to be honest. It made a ferocious difference that Ann wasn't here. Everything collapsed since Ann died," she added.

In her book, Remembering Rachel: The story Of Rachel O'Reilly's Life And Brutal Death, Rose wrote of the essential support that Ann had provided to the family during the ordeal.

"If I had a choice I wouldn't be here. There's days when I've had enough," Rose said.

When asked did she mean that she would prefer to be where her daughters are, Rose repeated: "If I had a choice that's where I'd be. Grief is savage."

Despite her immeasurable loss, Rose said she is still a woman of great faith, and that it carries her through the daily pain of trying to cope with the loss of her daughters.

"If I wasn't strong I'd be dead. If I didn't have my faith I'd be dead. There's times I'd ask God 'what are you thinking?' but we'll know in the next world," she said.

"Sometimes I think the girls should be together here, and not where they are. But then I think they were too good for this world. When I look back over it, they were too good for this world," Rose added.


"If I didn't think I'd ever see the girls again I'd be in the Liffey. You get the cross God thinks you can carry, and I hope I can carry it to the end," she stated.

Rachel's anniversary was marked with a Mass.

"We had a Mass for both the girls in the house here on Saturday, and their friends were here. People are a great support and it means a lot to us," said Rose.