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Rachel’s killer in a sweat behind bars

THE FIRST pictures of Rachel O’Reilly’s killer husband inside a maximum security prison have now emerged.

The photos of the brutal murderer were snapped at the same time as his mistress published a picture of herself with a male friend.

O’Reilly’s lover, Nikki Pelley, placed the black and white photo of her and the man on the internet.

Today, the advertising executive would not be drawn on the photo when asked about it.

O’Reilly, meanwhile, is seen sweating it out in the gym of Midlands Prison where he is serving life for bludgeoning his wife to death. The portly murderer has lost three stone in jail.

Ms Pelley – who was today wearing the ‘engagement’ ring Joe O'Reilly gave her – declined to comment as she went to work at an outdoor advertising firm.

Wife killer Joe O'Reilly has been pumping iron behind bars after meeting with lover Nikki Pelley in the last few weeks.

The 6ft 5in con, who beat mum-of-two Rachel O'Reilly to death, has been spending hours losing his Christmas weight at the gym in the Midlands Prison, Portlaoise.

O'Reilly exercises for up to 90 minutes three times a day to stay in shape. And he works out alongside one of the country's most notorious gang bosses – Sheriff Street mobster and child rapist Christy Griffin.

Meanwhile, O'Reilly's lover, Nikki Pelley – who lives at home with her parents and has visibly gained weight in recent times – is captured on Facebook nose to nose with a male pal.

“I don't think Joe would be happy with the nature of the photo if he saw it,” a source told the Herald.


Pelley arrived for work at the advertising agency at 7.30am today in the Calmount Industrial Estate in Ballymount, west Dublin, but swept through the doors when asked about her male friend.

She must wait another 10 years at least for lover Joe to be released from jail.

Joe O’Reilly has his first session in the gym at 9.30am; his second at 2.30pm; and his final workout at around 5.30pm.

O'Reilly has lost almost three stone since his 2007 murder trial, having piled on the pounds from the time of Rachel's murder in 2004.

A source has said that O'Reilly engages in the extensive exercise regime to hold onto his girlfriend Pelley, who has remained loyal to him.

“O'Reilly won't leave jail for at least 15 years so he feels he must do something to hold onto her (Nikki's) affections,” the source said.

He also engages in physical work around the prison to help keep his weight down, including mopping the landings of the high security facility.

Joe O'Reilly must share his cleaning duties with notorious double killer Thomas Murray.

Murray (46), of Ballygar in Galway, was on day release from prison in 2000, where he was serving a life sentence for the murder of pensioner William Mannion, when he beat retired teacher Nancy Nolan (80) to death with a lump hammer.


Another convict who spends a lot of time in the prison gym is gangland sex fiend Christy Griffin (40), who was jailed for life for repeatedly raping his partner's daughter. The two gymgoers do not interact with each other during sessions.

Joe O'Reilly keeps in constant contact with his love Pelley with two-hour weekly visits.

The Rathfarnham woman was pictured last month leaving the Midlands prison in Portlaoise after spending an hour with O'Reilly inside the facility.

He has been incarcerated since July 2007, when he was found guilty of his wife's murder.