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Rachel's joy as she sheds 9lb after two weeks on Transformation

DUBLIN mum Rachel Walker has revealed her joy at losing 9lb in the first two weeks of Operation Transformation.

Although the Tallaght native lost 6lb in the first week and 3lb in the second week, she told the Herald that she was not concerned by the slowing pace of her progress.

"I'm delighted, I didn't expect it because I wasn't as organised as I had been previously so I was really pleased to have lost 3lb this time," the 36-year-old said.

"I was flying at the start but I thought I had fallen behind. I didn't think I'd reach my target, but I'm back on track now and as long as I keep losing 2lb a week, I'll be happy."

The mum-of-three admitted that it was very difficult to stick to such a strict exercise routine after years of not paying as much attention as she would have liked to her fitness.

"Apart from every bone and muscle in my body aching, I am enjoying it," she said. "The food is not a problem, the exercises are the harder part but I suppose that's why they say 'no pain, no gain' and I do feel the benefit of it when we have challenges.


"I always dread the weekend because of the tasks -- it's the whole idea of not knowing what you're going to do.

"The water task was really tough this time but we strangely enjoyed it because we are getting to know each other, being able to shout to each other and push each other. The five of us [Operation Transformation leaders] are a lot closer, we'll kick the army's ass next week," she laughed.

Although Rachel has a challenging schedule ahead of her, she's looking forward to treating herself next month.

"Maybe I might get to eat a low-calorie dinner on Valentine's Day in a nice restaurant, or I might get a chocolate or two.

"There's a surprise there for me somewhere and I'm looking forward to it, it makes me try even harder until then," she added.

Earlier this week, Rachel was ecstatic about fitting in to an old pair of jeans. "I got into a pair of skinny jeans a few days ago, I hadn't been in them since May. I've come down a dress size, I've come down to a size 16," she said.