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Rachel swaps Fair City for business world

Former Fair City star Rachel Kavanagh has revealed that while she adores her son, she just couldn't be a stay-at-home mum.

Her little boy Rhys has a nanny and also goes to nursery but the new mum admits it can be hard to find a balance.

"I'm constantly trying to find the right balance and I don't know if I ever will," she said. "Once I get to work, it's all go and once I get home in the evenings, I'm in full on mammy mode.

"But I don't think I'd be happy if I stayed at home full-time. I've always been a working mother and always been driven."

Becoming a mother felt natural to the actress, but she said it took some getting used to.

"It has absolutely changed me for the better. I think I'm more patient as a result," she said.

"It's allowed me to step back and prioritise what's important in my life."

The 30-year-old previously played Lauren McAteer on Fair City for four years before quitting aged just 22.

The Terenure native admits that the soap "feels like a lifetime ago" and that despite her success, she couldn't "live pay cheque to pay cheque".

"Acting is not an easy life and I was exhausted by it and I knew in my heart of hearts I didn't want to act anymore," she told You magazine.


Rachel went on to pursue a career in business, procuring the sole rights to distribute Rock Star Tan throughout Ireland. She sold the successful company last year and is currently the MD of Glossybox in the UK and Ireland.

The new job meant a swift move to London after her wedding to her partner of nine years Shane McGill in the south of France last summer.

Rachel seems like the girl who has it all but says it's all about choice.

"I don't see why modern women have to choose between a career and having children," she said.

"I've always wanted both. But it shouldn't be a question of having it all. It's about doing whatever makes you happy."