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Race is on to find valuable fallen meteorite


Moore is leading the search

Moore is leading the search

Moore is leading the search

The hunt is under way for a meteorite thought to have landed in Co Donegal, with remnants worth 50 times the value of gold.

The fireball was spotted in the skies above Ireland at around 5.20pm on Wednesday, with most reports coming from Co Donegal.

Astronomy Ireland expert David Moore say they have logged hundreds of reports.

Retired taxi driver John Gallagher, from Donegal town, says he saw the meteorite slow down and fizzle out in mid-air over the Bluestack Mountains.

"It was a huge fireball and it was very, very close. It seemed to be going quite slow and then it seemed to drop," he said.

David Moore says his team is collating reports and hopes to issue a possible location for the landing next week.