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Race against time to raise €10k in just 10 days to feed 92 puppies

THE DSPCA is racing against time to raise €10,000 in 10 days to feed and shelter 92 adorable puppies.

The body set itself the challenge of finding the cash following the seizure by gardai of two sets of puppies.

Last week 56 puppies of various breeds, including beagles and labradors, were discovered in a van at Dublin port.

Gardai arrested a 46-year-old man but he was later released without charge.

Just two days earlier gardai discovered 36 puppies in the back of two cars in the Coolock area of Dublin. Gardai arrested two men for breaches of the Animal Act and they are due to appear in court on November 1.

The DSPCA's shelter in Rathfarnham is now temporary home to almost 100 pups.

The 92 pure-bred puppies were given full veterinary checks by the DSPCA. Many were found to be suffering with mange, earmites, fleas, eye infections and parasitic infections -- all treatable conditions.

At only four to 10 weeks, many of the pups are much too young to have been weaned.

Since the news of the seizure the DSPCA has been inundated with adoption offers from over 700 people.

However the puppies are stuck in limbo for the time being as the DSPCA is working with gardai to investigate their origins. In the meantime the DSPCA's shelter in Rathfarnham is tasked with caring for the 92 energetic young dogs.

In an effort to cover the cost of food, shelter and veterinary bills they have set up the 10k Challenge which is looking for donations of just €10 from 1,000 people in 10 days.


Every person who donates will be issued a certificate to acknowledge their contribution. Just two-and-a-half days into the challenge, almost half the target amount has been raised with over 200 donations amounting to €4,000, many made anonymously.

The Facebook link to the donation website has been liked and shared almost 300 times. As well as donation and offers to adopt puppies, the DSPCA has received dozens of volunteers offering to help out at the shelter. The DSPCA hopes the incident will help encourage support for new Animal Welfare Bill that is currently before the Dail.