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Rabbitte calls for DPP to probe Lowry as FF demand the TD resigns

THE FINDINGS of the Moriarty Tribunal are likely to be sent to gardai to investigate political corruption.

Communications Minister Pat Rabbitte expects the damning report of Mr Justice Michael Moriarty to be referred to the appropriate. He is set to consult the Attorney General.

Mr Rabbitte accepts that the €150m tribunal "contains findings of the utmost gravity in relation to the then minister" Michael Lowry.

As Fianna Fail called for Mr Lowry to "consider his position", Mr Rabbitte expressed relief that none of the other ministers in Cabinet at the time were aware of what was happening in the shadows as Esat Digifone was awarded a mobile phone licence.


The new Communications Minister was a "super-junior" minister at the time, meaning that he sat alongside Lowry at the Cabinet table, although he didn't have a vote.

"I have to say that I am very pleased that no blame attaches to the rainbow government of the day. The party leaders including the Cabinet are expressly exonerated in the report," he said.

"There was a process set up, a competition, that was at the leading edge of best practice at the time. It was suppose to be the bees' knees.

"What happened was that as the tribunal found, the seal of confidentiality was broken."

It is likely that the report will lead to changes in the way licensing decisions are made.

Fianna Fail leader Micheal Martin today called for Michael Lowry to "consider his position".

The disgraced TD topped the poll in Tipperary North in last's election with over 14,000 first preference votes. He has yet to comment in detail on the report but he has indicated that he does not intend to resign.

Mr Martin said he accepts the full findings of Mr Justice Moriarty's "extraordinary serious report".

He said it outlined the "biggest political and corporate scandal since the foundation of the state".

And Mr Martin attempted to drag a larger section of Fine Gael into the controversy by saying the "principal of collective Cabinet responsibility applies here".

"Of the present government, six ministers were around that table and sat around that table, including the Taoiseach."

The Dail is likely to discuss the report in more detail next week after Taoiseach Enda Kenny insisted that he would need time to consider its almost 2,400 pages first.