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Quitline can help smokers to stub it out

Around 100 first-time callers contacted the national smokers' quitline in the first week of this year.

It's a busy time of year for the quitline as many resolve to stop the dreaded weed as part of their New Year's resolutions.

New figures show that last year there were 3,033 calls to the quitline, which is run by the Irish Cancer Society in conjunction with the HSE.

Brenda Flannery, the quitline co-ordinator, said that January, and around Ash Wednesday which is national no smoking day, are among the key times of year when people decide to give up smoking.

The advice is that you are never too old to stop. "Every cigarette is damaging to your health," she said.

Those contacting the quitline get help and support, with smoking cessation counsellors on hand.

But not every smoker is successful in quitting on their first try – for some it can take five or six attempts.