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Quippy Cameron leaves them laughing on last day


Cameron with a picture of Larry, the Downing St cat

Cameron with a picture of Larry, the Downing St cat

Cameron with a picture of Larry, the Downing St cat

"I was the future once," British Prime Minister David Cameron joked as he bowed out of Westminster for the final time.

MPs heard how an American who had seen the weekly broadcast of Prime Minister's Questions on television once told the outgoing premier how he loved his "show".

Mr Cameron's final quip neatly brought to end a series that started 11 years ago when he took to the Despatch Box to face Tony Blair for the first time with the infamous taunt that yesterday he turned on himself.

His final episode was filled with one-liners, outpourings and even a declaration of love (for Larry, the No 10 cat, of whom he produced a photograph).

Mr Cameron had an armoury of zingers to fire in his final showdown.

With a party behind him that resolved its change of leadership within weeks, the PM told Labour's beleaguered leader Jeremy Corbyn he was like the black knight in the Monty Python film, the Holy Grail.

"He's been kicked so many times but he says 'keep going, it's only a flesh wound'," to cheers from his own backbenchers and smirks from many of those opposite. He said while Labour limps on with no sign of a resolution to its leadership woes, the Conservatives "got on with it".

"We've had resignation, nomination, competition and coronation," he said. "They haven't even decided what the rules are yet.


Meanwhile, Cameron added some spice to his last night as PM - with a curry delivered to Downing St.

The Kennington Tandoori, a favourite haunt of MPs, delivered more than £50 worth of food to Number 10 on Tuesday evening.

The restaurant tweeted a picture of a delivery worker about to set off on his moped with four insulated bags - containing including their mixed grill, samosas and sag aloo.