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Quinn's girls ask bank to attend talks

THE daughters of bankrupt businessman Sean Quinn have privately asked the former Anglo Irish Bank to attend mediation talks in a bid to stop their father being sent to jail.

Sean Quinn Sr is set to find out on Friday if he will face jail for breaking court orders not to interfere with the family's international property group (IPG).

His daughters and other family members have sought the mediation talks with the bank -- now renamed the IBRC -- to try and resolve differences over the €2bn the bank say is owed by the family in unpaid loans.

The family is officially challenging the legality of the loans in a case due to begin next year.

All of the family face tough sanctions if they do not comply with court orders to disclose their financial assets, details of their bank accounts and any documentation relating to a scheme to put up to €500m worth of assets beyond the IBRC's reach.

The bank would not comment on the proposed mediation talks between two sides but is understood not to have agreed to the request.

The Supreme court has reserved judgment on an appeal by Sean Quinn Jnr who is currently serving a prison sentence for contempt of court.

On Friday both sides may seek a postponement of Sean Quinn Snr's case pending the outcome of his son's appeal.

Sean Quinn Snr and his wife Patricia were close to tears at a rally in Cavan at the weekend in support of the family when prayers and a poem were read for their jailed son.

Fine Gael chairman Charlie Flanagan has lashed remarks at the rally by Mr Quinn's brother that the media were "bastards" saying this was language which "belongs in the gutter".

Mr Peter Quinn, he said "is happy to be seen in public" in Northern Ireland with his son (Peter Darragh) who is currently avoiding the sentence handed to him by a court in the Republic.

"Our courts are a fundamental pillor of our democracy and the law must take its course. It is highly unsatisfactory that some people feel that these standards do not apply to them."