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Queue trebles for Census jobs

More than three times as many people applied for 5,000 jobs to carry out this year's census, it has emerged.

The Central Statistics Office revealed it has begun interviewing 15,773 people to fill the enumerator positions across the country.

The 2011 Census takes place on Sunday, April 10.

Deirdre Cullen, from the CSO, said there was an overwhelming response to the recruitment process, with the quota of applicants reached within less than 48 hours.

Arrest my son, mother begs

A DISTRAUGHT mother has begged a judge to order the arrest of her son, claiming he threatened to have her throat cut and her other children taken from her.

Her son (17) is accused of trespassing with intent to interfere with property at a shop, in Walkinstown, in Dublin, on January 16 last.

The teenager failed to turn up to his case at the Dublin Children's Court but his mother pleaded with Judge Clare Leonard to "issue a warrant for him please".

The judge issued a bench warrant for the teen to be arrested.

My songs say nothing -- Liam

Liam Gallagher has admitted he has no idea what his own lyrics mean.

The former Oasis frontman is about to launch a career with his band Beady Eye with his songwriting coming to the fore for the first time. But in an interview with the next edition of Mojo magazine, he said: "I don't know what any of my tunes are about, they're just out there. I'm not good with words. I just say the first thing that comes into my head."

Asked what new song Wigwam is about, he said: "F*** knows, I haven't got a clue, man."

Dickens finally gets ending

Charles Dickens' great unfinished work Edwin Drood is to be given a new ending in a major BBC adaptation.

The book -- fully titled The Mystery Of Edwin Drood -- was famously incomplete when the master writer died in 1870. Now writer Gwyneth Hughes, whose TV successes have included Five Days, has completed Dickens' vision of the novel for a BBC4 drama to be screened later this year.