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'Queen not welcome here' motion branded a nonsense

A MOVE by a councillor to get Dublin City Council to condemn Queen Elizabeth's proposed visit to Ireland has been branded a "nonsense".

Louise Minihan, who left Sinn Fein to join Eirigi, has tabled a motion urging her fellow representatives to declare the mooted trip "entirely inappropriate".

Ms Minihan, who represents the Ballyfermot/Drimnagh ward, wants the council to say "on behalf of the proud citizens of this city" that "Elizabeth Windsor is not welcome in Dublin".

The motion has been tabled for Monday's full meeting of the local authority at City Hall.

However, it is unlikely to get enough support to be passed.

Labour's Dermot Lacey told the Herald that the head of state of our "nearest neighbour... is very welcome here".

"Let's foster good relations with Britain and stop this old nonsense," Mr Lacey said.

The "issues" Irish republicans had with Britain "were resolved by the Good Friday Agreement", he said, describing Eirigi as a Sinn Fein breakaway group.

He added: "I personally think the whole notion of a monarchy is daft but that is for the British people to decide, not for us.

"There are millions of Irish people in Britain enjoying a good quality of life -- let's grow up."

In her motion, Ms Minihan calls on the council to note "with deep concern the proposal for a state visit to the Twenty Six Counties by the British head of state".