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Qantas airliner 'sabotaged'

police are investigating the suspected sabotage of the entertainment system on a Qantas Airways airliner during the ongoing bitter dispute between the airline and the aircraft maintenance union.

Engineers noticed several wires were cut on the in-flight entertainment system of a Qantas Boeing 767 undergoing maintenance at Brisbane Airport on Australia's eastern coast on October 26.

Qantas said there was no risk to the plane. The incident occurred days before Qantas grounded its entire fleet at the weekend and threatened to lock out unions whose rolling strikes and work bans had cost the Australian airline millions.

Divorce for film star Zooey

Actress Zooey Deschanel, star of chick-flick 500 Days Of Summer, has separated from her husband after two years of marriage,.

Deschanel (31), married Ben Gibbard (35), the lead singer of indie rock bands Death Cab For Cutie and The Postal Service, in September 2009. It is not known why the couple are separating.

The actress is currently enjoying the success of her new sitcom New Girl, in which she plays a quirky single girl.

China calls for nukes revamp

China has urged the International Atomic Energy Agency to do more to strengthen nuclear safety.

Wang Min, a Chinese delegate to the United Nations, said the body should work to restore confidence in atomic energy shaken by the meltdown at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant caused by the March earthquake and tsunami.

Imagine no one liked the song

Yoko Ono says John Lennon's iconic Imagine wasn't initially embraced by the public.

She says the song, released in 1971, "was not really accepted ... it wasn't 'Wow!'"

Ono remembers when Lennon created it, calling that time "really beautiful."

Lennon's 78-year-old widow made the comments at the launch of the Imagine There's No Hunger campaign in New York.

The global campaign aims to raise money and awareness of childhood hunger and poverty.