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Putting on the make-up and clothes helps me become Bridget

My character Bridget is very different from me and the clothes and hair and make-up help me to get into character.

Belle Philips, who is the costume designer on Red Rock, has done a great job and she has been brilliant from the start.

A few days after I got the part she invited me to go shopping with her to make sure we got Bridget's look right.

Belle had a mood board and I built up one as well and we were very similar so we were both working from the same page, which was great.

The girls in hair and make up were also on the same page as me - what they were doing was how I thought Bridget should look.

Getting her look right adds to the whole experience because Bridget is very far away from who I am.

From the minute I step into her clothes I get a feel for who she is and what she's about.

I'm quite healthy anyway and I was very lucky in both my pregnancies and didn't put on weight and went jogging.

It wasn't a rigorous regime or anything.


I haven't really gone to the gym because I've been doing more important things, like feeding my children.

I'm quite fit anyway but there is some pressure there to look good for the show.

I watch how many treats I eat but all women have that pressure to look slim because the media puts it on.

But I do want the character to be at their best, so I've been conscious of that.

I don't believe in killing myself, but when you're a working actor there are times you have to be a certain shape and I can't eat rubbish that makes me lethargic - that just will not work.