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Pure Evil

The family of the OAP beaten to death with a crucifix have described her Dublin socialite killer as "pure evil".

In an interview with the Herald the daughter of Maire Rankin (81), who was brutally murdered on Christmas Day 2008, said discovering their mum had been sexually assaulted was the worst part of their ordeal.

Karen Walsh was yesterday found guilty of the pensioner's murder.

Mairead McElkerney revealed her mother Maire had only met Walsh three times -- and each time it was late at night and the killer was drunk.

"We were so shocked you can't begin to understand," said Mairead. "When the police told us about the sexual assault we just could not believe it, we wanted to protect our mother's dignity."

Speaking from her Co Down home, Ms McElkerney described the effect the brutal killing and defilement of her mother had on the family, the agony of waiting for the trial, and the relief that Walsh is now behind bars.