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Puppies rescued after being found dumped in skip

THESE cute puppies were cruelly dumped by their owner in a skip under bags of rubbish in Dublin.

A woman in Finglas was taking out her own rubbish when she heard the tiny dogs' yelps and managed to rescue them from a tragic fate.

It's estimated that the puppies were less than four weeks old when they were separated from their mother and thrown away like pieces of garbage.

But apart from showing signs of distress, the dogs did not appear to be mistreated or malnourished.

The kindly member of the public brought the puppies to Dogs Trust in Finglas where they have been fed and looked after until they are old enough to be rehomed.

"A lady in a Finglas housing estate was just putting her rubbish out when she found these five puppies in the skip," said Catriona Birt, operations manager at Dogs Trust.

"She is a local hero. She brought them in straight away and has been on the phone asking about how they are getting on."

Ms Birt said that the dogs have fully recovered from their ordeal two weeks ago and are now bundles of energy, desperate for a new home.

"There were no signs of mistreatment. When puppies have come away from their mothers too early in life it can be detrimental to them," she told the Herald.

"They are missing out on really important social time for them.

"But they are quite healthy pups, they probably were with their mum before they came to us and that's important."

The pups, who are now six weeks old, have had constant hands-on time with the carers at the centre in Finglas and they are happy to be cuddled, Ms Birt said.

"They are really cheeky puppies, really fun," she added.

"It is difficult to know what type of dog they are because we don't know mum and dad.

"But there is definitely a terrier in them -- they have big personalities and they love to play with toys."

Further information about these puppies, or the dozens of other animals available for rehoming is available at www.dogstrust.ie