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Pupils warned on exam mocks leaked on web

online forums are giving details of what will appear on Leaving and Junior Cert mock exam papers before students sit them.

IWebsites, such as boards.ie and allhonours.ie, have become meeting points for desperate students who are seeking the topics and questions that appear on mock papers.

Students who have scanned the papers then email a copy of the exam to others.

Examcraft and Dublin Examining board produce 95pc of mock papers that are used in Ireland's 700 secondary schools.

Philip O'Callaghan from Examcraft described the practice being adopted by desperate students as "counter-productive and ill-advised".

"Students who look for the topics online do have an edge but it is not beneficial for them in the long run," he said. "The majority of schools make mixed orders to try and prevent this activity from happening, so students are unaware of which company is providing the exam.

"Any student that works consistently over the year and practice their past papers will do well. Students that haven't prepared and are relying on these sites are doing more damage to their chances than good.

"Mock exams are a guide to how they should gear up for the exams in June, using those internet forums is only causing students to undermine themselves."

The Dublin Examining Board (DEB) refused to comment when contacted by the Herald.

Gemma Duffy, spokesperson for teaching union ASTI said that the association "discouraged" the use of the websites.

Schools hold mock exams at different times and subjects are sat on different dates around the country.

Although pupils could not remove papers from exam halls, they could memorise the questions and then post them online.