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Pupils 'go without breakfast'

TEACHERS believe that a growing number of children are showing up for school hungry.

Almost six out of 10 teachers say that their pupils are arriving without any breakfast.

They blame a variety of reasons including food poverty, lack of time and parents not realising breakfast's importance.

The online survey by Kellogg's asked 550 teachers about the eating habits of children.

Some 37pc of the teachers believed that there was not enough money in some homes to properly feed children.

Another 36pc pointed to a lack of concern among parents regarding their child's nutrition.

And 23pc said that parents simply did not have enough time in the mornings.

The survey found that 83pc of teachers agreed that hunger reduced concentration levels among children and over half believed that it led to poor behaviour.

Many teachers are now trying to take matters into their own hands with more than one third saying they haved brought food into school for their pupils.

The survey was carried out as the Kellogg's Help Give a Child a Breakfast campaign got under way to raise funds for Irish breakfast clubs.

More than €30,000 has already been raised for clubs at schools around the country.