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Pubs paying RIRA €1k a month 'to run doors'

A REAL IRA mole has revealed how dissidents are running extortion rackets on Dublin pubs.

The former terrorist, who has previously supplied information to MI5 and Irish intelligence service G2, has detailed how bars in the city are paying over €1,000 a month and handing over control of their doors to dissidents for three days a week, in a plot controlled by a Co Carlow-based RIRA member.

The source alleged that the practice was widespread in the pub trade and verified garda reports that two north Dublin brothers have taken the lead in enforcing extortion in the city.

The informant, who has previously worked with the BBC's Spotlight investigative team, operates under the safe name 'G Doyle'.

He has revealed information on the inner workings of Dublin's RIRA unit when he contacted this newspaper shortly after the murder of Sean Winters, a drug dealer suspected of being shot dead by dissidents in Portmarnock last Sunday week.

'Doyle' told the Herald: "The Dublin brigade has been operating as enforcers for a security company run by a Real IRA member based in Leinster," he said.

"The pub gives €1,000 a month in a payment called prisoners' money and is meant to help IRA prisoners upon their release -- but instead the money is pocketed and some is given to fund terrorist operations.

"They get doormen with clearance from the Private Security Authority and roster them on for seven days, but they only work four, the rest of the time a Real IRA crony stands guard."

He went on: "The way it works in the Dublin brigade is that everything is borrowed. What I mean is the people who knock on doors and warn people off for the Real IRA are most times just doormen, who are friends of the person who is a member."

'Doyle' claimed that the Dublin brigade of the RIRA is controlled by an individual based in Co Carlow.

The source was active in the Real IRA until recently but has admitted supplying information to MI5 and G2, the Irish military intelligence unit. He is currently on the run.

A row over the control of security at Dublin pubs and the extortion by drug dealers has erupted in recent months, culminating in the murder of Sean Winters (40).

An extortion crew run by two republican crime brothers who were once members of the Continuity IRA are believed to be behind the murder, after he failed to pay them to deal drugs in a pub they controlled.

The gang are also believed to be behind an assassination attempt on an associate of slain gang boss Eamonn Dunne (34) and another on his mentor Eamonn Kelly (61) on Saturday morning of last week. The men were ordered to pay out €50,000 or be killed.

The men recently targeted were not directly involved in the bar trade, but were targeted over their connections to Dunne, who personally organised security on a number of city bars before his death.

Gangs have been battling over pub security turf because whoever controls the access to pubs and clubs controls the supply of drugs in Dublin city.

The extortion has therefore led to clashes between 'ordinary' criminals and dissidents, as both sides battle for the drugs cash.