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Pubgoer allegedly broke man's nose with punch

A PUBGOER broke another man's nose and knocked him unconscious to the floor with a single punch, it is alleged.

Derek Hearns (30) is accused of attacking the man after tapping him on the shoulder in a Dublin city centre bar.

Judge Michael Walsh adjourned the case against him at Dublin District Court for the production of an updated medical report on the alleged victim.

Mr Hearns, with an address at Swiftbrook Glen, Virginia, Co Cavan, is charged with assault causing harm to a man.

The offence is alleged to have happened at the Old Dubliner pub, Temple Bar on Setember 28 last year.

The court heard the alleged incident happened at 2am in the pub and it would be alleged that the accused first approached the man and tapped him on the shoulder.

The alleged victim turned around and it was alleged that Mr Hearns punched him in the face once with his fist, causing him to fall to the ground, unconscious.

The alleged victim had gone to a hospital Accident and Emergency Department for treatment afterwards.

A medical report was handed in to Judge Walsh. Reading from it, he said it had been reported to the doctor that the man was struck with a bottle to the head and face.

"How could the doctor have got it so wrong?" the judge asked, adding that the two versions of the alleged assault were "acutely different".

A State Solicitor said the doctor had been relying on information given by the alleged victim, who had not been in a position to fully recollect the incident.

He did not have a clear memory of what happened but gardai were satisfied that the alleged injury was caused by the punch.

Judge Walsh said he would accept the outline of the case and "not look beyond that" if the gardai were happy.

He asked if the man had been left with any ongoing or long term consequences of his injuries and said he needed to know more about the alleged victim's prognosis for recovery.

He adjourned the case until a date in September for an updated medical report. He also made an order for disclosure of copies of the CCTV footage to the defence.