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Pub takes stock and lets market set prices

A DUBLIN bar is bucking the recession by offering customers the chance to set the price of a pint.

The Stock Exchange concept in Store Street's The Good Bits bar was launched a month ago and is popular with people looking for an after-work drink with a twist. Rather than paying a standard price for drinks, The Good Bits is bringing the concept of a stock exchange to the price of a pint.

The more popular a drink, the higher its price will rise, while other brands' prices will drop -- it means the cost of Carlsberg will fall if drinkers buy Heineken.

This may be the only time consumers and financiers are hoping the market will crash, as when the bar goes slow, the price of all drinks drops to €2.50.

Manager Alan O'Connor said that the concept is based on similar programmes in the US and UK, but The Good Bits is the only Dublin pub to exclusively use the idea.

He said: "It's a special offer with a difference. It gets customers more involved.

"If there are five friends and each buying a round -- it might cost one for €18 or the next might be €25.

"Items are displayed on our screens and prices are in real time. Beat that for value, and it's great fun to play for large groups of people."

The 'trading floor' opens every Thursday and Friday from 5pm.

And pubgoers will be happy to learn that the offer is not for a limited time only -- The Good Bits has no plans to scrap the concept.