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Pub puts Trump in the toilet firing line


Trump’s face in pub toilet

Trump’s face in pub toilet

Trump’s face in pub toilet

A Dublin pub has decorated its urinal with a portrait of Donald Trump.

Staff at the newly-opened Adelphi on Abbey Street said they received no complaints, but would remove it if the Republican candidate was elected president in November.

"We've only received positive feedback from the public," said a staff member.

It is not the first time Donald Trump's image has made its way into bathrooms.

Chinese manufacturers are cashing in on toilet paper featuring the billionaire businessman's face.

A new development in the race for the White House has seen Trump facing a powerful foe - The Simpsons.

In a new standalone short, the cartoon family have declared themselves Team Hillary, with some not-so-subtle digs at Trump.

Homer made the decision for the family in the clip called 3am, which is a parody of Hillary's political campaign ad featuring a ringing phone at 3am, asking Americans who they wanted to lead their country in a crisis.

"It's 3am and the phone is ringing in the White House," intones the narrator. "Who do you want to answer that call - Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?"

Viewers see the Clintons in bed and Bill answers the phone.

"The Situation Room? I'll be right there! Oh, it's for you," he says.

"Yes, from now on, it's always for me," says Hillary.

Then Trump is seen, tweeting, and reading Great Speeches by A Hitler.


At first he ignores the call while his team of beautifiers work on him while the situation deteriorates.

It's 11.30 before he answers the call.

"We're too late," Trump says incredulously as he answers another call. "The Chinese fleet is advancing? Just build another wall. Yes, in the ocean, loser."

After viewing the ad, which is "paid for by Americans who are really starting to miss Obama", Marge says: "Fine, my mind is made up."